Our Advantages


Our Advantages


Production Environment

New-Gene&Yinye has three GMP grade clean rooms for the lateral flow assay production which ensures the highest level of production standards


Automated Production Lines

New-Gene&Yinye has two factory and six fully automated production lines which minimizes human mistakes and increases production efficiency


High Production Capacity

Currently, New-Gene&Yinye has more than 500 full-time production workers, which brings a daily production capacity of 3,000,000 pcs

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Hospital and laboratory devices

Sichuan Yinye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. offers a variety of equipment and high value medical devices to various segments in the hospital and laboratory environment.

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No compromises on safety and quality

At Sichuan Yinye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. we ensure the safety and quality of our products through the implementation of a wide range of management systems.



We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. This standard provides quality management systems that satisfy international regulations.